Let’s Talk Business Cards and Email – “YEAH!”

I know it can be a boring topic but the basics of profitability really do require you have good business cards and email – and so damn many consultants screw the pooch here. Here’s some basic tips that many miss, which can really hurt profits in the … [Read more...]

Don’t Plan to Fail

Too many new consultants fail to establish a sound business plan right up front. They know it’s not smart but they do it anyway. My gut is that it’s because it’s just too damn annoying and time-consuming to work out such minute details and track … [Read more...]

I don’t need no stinking insurance!

The topic of business insurance is an important one, and something I recommend you consider carefully. I also strongly recommend you speak with an insurance broker who can give you much better advice. Many new consultants mistakenly skip what they … [Read more...]

What business structure should you choose?

There are really only four types of business structure most consultants choose from. Each has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses: • Sole Proprietor (taxed as 1040, Schedule C): are unincorporated businesses. They are also called … [Read more...]

If Your Name Sucks, So Will Your Profits

If Your Name Sucks, So Will Your Profits

What you name your business is very important. Not to argue with Shakespeare, but the name you choose, unlike that of a rose, will indeed determine if it smells sweet or not. Naming any business can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be … [Read more...]

Consulting Ain’t Just Telling People What To Do.

While the primary objective of any good management consultant should be to “improve the client’s overall condition,” there here are multiple functions or roles a consultant may fill to achieve that objective. My favorite comes from Dr. Arnold turner … [Read more...]