The Profitable Consultant


If you sell your knowledge or expertise in any area – YOU are a consultant.

According to the US Bureau of Labor & Statistics, THE single fastest growing occupation today is that of “independent business consultant.” This is no big surprise given the state of business and the economy. With 112,000,000 people having lost their jobs over the last five years (nearly double the previous five years), a great deal have decided to take control of their own destiny and start their own independent consulting practice.

From accounting, management, leadership, sales, information technology, PR, HR, operations, strategy and countless other areas of expertise, those whose value proposition lies in their knowledge and experience are opening their own businesses to market that wisdom in what has become a free agent economy.

What is surprising, however, is what these new consultants find when they start their own consulting practice.

It is nothing like working for a company. From the basics of setting up shop and opening the doors to establishing prices, and how to effectively network and market, there are a whole lot of new things to learn.

Perhaps the biggest problem lies in how to actually sell consultative services. It can be uncomfortable for professional business consultants and executive coaches.The two biggest problems are generating more qualified leads, and turning those leads into actual paying clients.

Taking traditional beliefs about how best to “sell” and turning them completely upside down, author Jay Niblick rewrites the sales playbook for the consulting and coaching industry. His proven five-step sales process is specifically designed for independent business consultants and coaches, serving as a common set of rules to grow their practice, deliver more value and generate more revenue.

The Profitable Consultant delivers a suite of ready-to-launch tools that will automate readers’ marketing efforts, so they can focus more time delivering revenue-generating services — to even more clients.