Consulting Ain’t Just Telling People What To Do.

While the primary objective of any good management consultant should be to “improve the client’s overall condition,” there here are multiple functions or roles a consultant may fill to achieve that objective. My favorite comes from Dr. Arnold turner at Harvard University. These eight purposes act as building blocks, with a foundation and ultimately a […]

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Why In The World Would Anyone Choose Management Consulting as a career?

In my humble opinion the career of Independent Management Consultant is one of the most envious roles a person can be lucky enough to hold. What is it that makes this career so envious? The top reasons are: 1. Freedom/Flexibility – As an independent consultant you are completely in control of your own destiny. 2. […]

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The Profitable Consultant Blog

The Profitacle Consultant Book Image

Welcome to The Profitable Consultant Blog. I know I’m biased, but I consider Independent Management Consulting to be the greatest profession in the world! It’s an incredibly exciting and rewarding career that can also be an exceptionally lucrative one if done correctly. On this blog I focus on one key concept – profitability. And, I […]

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