The Profitable Consultant Blog

The Profitable Consultant Blog

Welcome to The Profitable Consultant Blog. I know I’m biased, but I consider Independent Management Consulting to be the greatest profession in the world! It’s an incredibly exciting and rewarding career that can also be an exceptionally lucrative one if done correctly.

On this blog I focus on one key concept – profitability. And, I range from super basic stuff (you’d be surprised how many times I get questions about some of these most basic aspects), to very advanced concepts. Regardless of the level or topic, everything here is important in one way or another to the overall objective of creating a profitable consulting practice. These lessons were learned over 14 years of working with more than 1,750  independent management consultants in my own company, and many more around the world who have built very successful and profitable practices for themselves.

Come on in, learn, interact, contribute and enjoy!

About Jay Niblick

Jay Niblick is principal and co-founder of Innermetrix and best selling author of What's Your Genius and The Profitable Consultant. Learn more about Jay Niblick here and connect via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.