The Psychology of Sales for Consultants

The Psychology of Sales for Consultants

There are a head spinning number of variables when it comes to selling. Hundreds of models exist, each with their own pros and cons, and there are a great many different kinds of sales as well.

The specific kinds of sale we are concerned with, however, is very well-defined and deal specifically with selling consultative services. And when it comes to doing that, there are three basic truths about the psychology of consulting sales that you must know:

Truth #1. The ABC’s of Traditional Sales Must be Rewritten
The old sales adage, “always be closing” has existed for years, and if you are a professional salesperson, it’s still a very good one because it keeps you centered on the corner of your value proposition. This old-school approach only works, however, when what is expected of you in the eyes of your prospect is to sell. They know you are a sales person so it’s okay, and appropriate, to be seen this way. [Read More…]

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