Podcast with Michael Dresser

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Hey folks, here’s a link to my radio interview on the Michael Dresser show: http://bit.ly/XRJrZa I hope you enjoy it.

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Thoughts on personal branding


Here’s a great article on the importance of personal branding and why it’s so vital to you the independent consultant out there. While the lessons may appear more for the employed leader, they hold the exact same relevance for you the independent. http://onforb.es/10KVo0o

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Need an Office to Consult?

office space

There was a time where not having a physical office space really hindered how successful you could be and what impression you made on your clients. This isn’t nearly the case anymore, especially in this career. With the advent of technology you can provide nearly identical service to your clients from the comfort of your […]

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Consultant Profitability Software Programs?

While there aren’t any programs you can install on your computer that automate the act of becoming profitable, there are plenty of programs that help you achieve that goal. The key is to make sure you maximize your time working on revenue generating business, not support. Remember, as a small business it’s vital that you […]

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The Myth of Consultant Strengths and Weaknesses

Conventional wisdom would argue that self development is all about identifying weaknesses and “fixing” them. Shouldn’t you “fix” those weaknesses? The answer is “Hell no!” There is a myth about these natural strengths and weaknesses, one that states that we all naturally possess them. In reality, we don’t. What we do possess are natural talents […]

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The CEO Bucket List

Here’s a little activity I use with my coaching clients, for those who seem to take on everything and become CEO/CFO/COO/VP sales, head cook and chief bottle washer. I call it “The CEO Bucket List”. I like to say, “It’s not what you want to do before you die. It’s what you need to do […]

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