How Email Marketing Saved My Consulting Business

email marketing for consultants

Email. You love it when a new client replies back their interest in your services. You hate it when another daily deluge of questions, sales attempts, and spammy email hits our inbox. Despite your … Continue reading...

Your Recipe for Consulting Sales Success

consultant sales success

(Originally posted by Jay Niblick on I stress the notion of making sure to always ask the prospect what they think the cause of their problem is before you advance your own … Continue reading...

Make Your Client Come to You.

hate to sell

So we’ve just covered the Physician Analogy, and, hopefully, you’ve got a pretty basic understanding of the diagnostic sales process in terms of a real-world scenario. You’ve hopefully got an appreciation for the psychological underpinnings that make this process work, so… let’s see what makes the diagnostic sales process tick: Step #1 – Induce the […]

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The Psychology of Sales for Consultants

consultant sales

There are a head spinning number of variables when it comes to selling. Hundreds of models exist, each with their own pros and cons, and there are a great many different kinds of sales as well. The specific kinds of sale we are concerned with, however, is very well-defined and deal specifically with selling consultative […]

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Why Consultants Should Never Sell

never sell

As a consultant, you are not a product. Even though selling services isn’t exactly uncommon, As a consultant, you’re in a weird position where you are selling yourself as a service. This leaves many independent consultants in a bit of a bind; there is a crucial need to sell, but the consultant isn’t just a […]

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Should I Raise My Consulting Fees?

Perhaps one of the most reoccurring reasons for poor profits in consulting is under charging. It’s unfortunate because it has less to do with not understanding what your consulting fees should be and more to do with lack of confidence, insecurity or most commonly desperation. Let me share the story of a friend of mine […]

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